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Welcome to our new feature, 'The Best Thing,' where our editors will share the one exciting event, show or movie they saw this past week.

I've been a fan of Sara Bareilles since "Love Song" hit the radio in 2007, but until this week I'd never heard her live. Her crystal-clear voice and totally relatable lyrics are irresistible. Plus, like a shirt for sale at her concert proclaimed, everyone wants to be her best friend. This week I saw Bareilles perform at New York's Radio City Music Hall (on my birthday, no less!) and I was blown away.

Sara Barielles

The crowd, made up mostly of adult couples, was excited but not rowdy. The venue itself was perfect for Bareilles, the acoustics were ideal for the heart-wrenching ballads that she does so well. The concert started out with "Chasing the Sun," a song from her new record, "The Blessed Unrest." Sitting down at a piano in a leather-tutu dress combo, Bareilles was clearly just as excited to be here as all of her fans were. Throughout the entire concert she stopped many times to exclaim just how crazy it was to be performing at Radio City, calling herself a "little girl who is living out [her] dreams."

The show was beautiful. Bareilles made sure to sing all her hits ("Love Song," "King of Anything" and "Brave"), and at one point stepped away from the piano for a lovely rendition of "The Way You Look Tonight," dedicated to her father in the audience. Bareilles touched on many things that inspired her newest record, such as a painful breakup and a recent move to New York City. Before singing "Manhattan," she explained that she wrote the song in one day, through buckets of tears, in a room atop Times Square.

By the end of the show, even the men in the audience who were dragged by their significant others were dancing along. It was an extremely touching night and if Sara is coming to your town, I highly recommend going. If not, check out some of her live performances below and prepare to be blown away.

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