FYI: What Happened in Hollywood This Week

MTV Video Music Awards 2013 - Inside
MTV Video Music Awards 2013 - Inside

If you're experiencing too-hot-for-fall weather where you are, you're not alone. Between the Miley Cyrus and Sinéad O'Connor feud heard around the world to Mia Farrow's shocking paternity admission, this week was a hot one for Hollywood.

Mia Farrow says her son may not be Woody Allen's.
Take a look at Farrow's son Ronan and you'll probably agree he looks very similar to Frank Sinatra. In an interview this week, Farrow admitted her son's father could be the late, great crooner himself, but admits that no DNA tests have been done. Later, Sinatra's widow slammed the claims as 'junk.'

'Glee' is preparing to say goodbye to Finn.
This week the Fox show debuted its teaser for the Cory Monteith tribute episode and boy was it sad. The episode won't air until next week, but sources say it was very difficult for Monteith's former girlfriend, Lea Michelle, to film.

Lamar Odom is ditching drugs for good?
If sources are to be believed, the NBA star is finally sober after months of making headlines for cocaine abuse. Still, Khloe's husband is reportedly refusing to go to rehab and instead hoping to 'self-heal' to beat his addiction. We're rooting for you, Lamar!

Cyrus and O'Connor duked it out on Twitter.
After Sinéad O'Connor wrote an open letter to Miley Cyrus urging her to stop 'prostituting' herself, things got really ugly. Cyrus responded with a picture of troubled actress Amanda Bynes, insulting O'Connor and reposting a series of bizarre tweets O'Connor sent out years before. The fight left off with O'Connor threatening to sue Cyrus for mocking mental illnesses. Whew, did you catch all that?

'Duck Dynasty' family has a dark past.
The reality family has managed to win hearts around the country, but Uncle Si reveals in a new tell-all that he struggled with alcoholism and even attempted suicide in the past. Si details the hardships his family dealt with before their hit A&E show, saying his problems plagued the family.

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