FYI: What Happened in Hollywood This Week

Australian in Film Awards Benefit Dinner
Australian in Film Awards Benefit Dinner

We know some of you were too busy sipping pumpkin spice lattes in anticipation of the coming fall weather to pay attention to celebrity news this week, but that's okay because we have everything you need to know right here. With Gwyneth Paltrow's steamy 'Chelsea Lately' chat, Miley and Liam's big split and the 'Dancing With the Stars' premiere,' this week was a busy one for Hollywood.

Ladies, Liam Hemsworth is single again (kind of) This week Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth announced that they had called off their engagement. But before the week was over, Hemsworth was spotted locking lips with a Mexican actress and Cyrus was linked to her music producer. These two sure don't waste any time.

Things got a little raunchy on 'Chelsea Lately'Gwyneth Paltrow stopped by the late night show to chat about her new movie, 'Thanks for Sharing,' and ended up taking a little heat from Lately about her so-called sex addiction.

'Dancing With the Stars' debuted! Everyone's favorite guilty pleasure came back on Monday, and the first night ended with a standing ovation for cancer-survivor Valerie Harper. But not all dancers were amazing -- Lisa Remini had to defend her skills on 'Chelsea Lately' later in the week.

Jon Gosselin is waiting tables now The former reality star used to rake in over $20K per episode of 'Jon & Kate Plus 8,' but these days he's living in a cabin and making a living as a waiter. He also admits he hasn't paid any child support. Just a nice reminder that fame is fleeting.

Divorce forced Robin Williams to work again This fall, the actor will return to TV for the first time since 'Mork & Mindy,' and it's all his ex-wives' fault ... sort of. Williams admitted that money has been tight since both of his divorces and having a steady paycheck again was very appealing. We look forward to your return, Robin!

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