Editors' Picks: What AOL.com is Watching This Weekend


Don't want to leave your house this weekend? We understand. That's why our editors came up with three great things you can watch right from your living room.

Jessica Zaleski, Associate Entertainment Editor
'Breaking Bad'

I know all of your friends can't stop talking about it, but seriously if you aren't watching 'Breaking Bad,' you are really missing out. Every Sunday, I'm left in a state of shock that lasts until the next Sunday, and then the cycle starts all over again. I am anticipating and dreading the finale (Sept. 29) because I want to know what happens, but I don't want the best show ever to be over. If you aren't watching, now is the perfect time to catch up. You can stream the series on Netflix, or AMC is marathoning the entire series starting this Wednesday, so you can take a few days off work (trust me, this show is a very valid excuse) and catch up with everyone else.

Ashley Kneirim, Senior Entertainment Editor
'It's a Disaster' on Netflix

This art house film came out in 2012, but it just popped up in my recommended list on Netflix this week. The movie, which stars Julia Stiles and David Cross, focuses around a couples brunch gone bad. Really, really bad. When one couple announces that they have sad news, things get awkward. But when the city falls victim to an attack, things get crazy. The characters react exactly how we'd react during a disaster. That is, if we were comedic geniuses like these folks. Watch this this weekend and you'll wish you owned a hazmat suit.

Alex Rabinowitz, Associate Editor
'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' & 'The League' on FXX

FX made the bold move this month to branch off some of its flagship comedies to a new edgier network FXX. The risky maneuver paid off as veteran sitcoms 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' and 'The League' returned with vigor and didn't see a marked drop in ratings. 'Sunny' which just entered its ninth season, continues to prove that age is not a factor. The long-running absurdist adult comedy returned with two of its funniest efforts, the first of which was a tour-de-force for sole female star Kaitlin Olson. 'Sunny' once again blended brash humor with blisteringly sharp writing. What other comedy could reveal an episode's the twist ending halfway through and not even have the audience pick up on it? FXX follows it up with 'The League', now in its fifth season. While the show concerns the comical misadventures of a group of fantasy-football players, it's more about adult friendships with people you hate. (Think dirty 'Seinfeld' for both of these shows.) 'The League' has the added bonus of improvised scripts (a la 'Curb Your Enthusiasm') and abundant NFL in-jokes and star cameos. It's as raunchy as cable comedies get though, so you might want to put the kids to bed. To find FXX on your cable provider visit <a data-cke-saved-href="http://" href="http://" http:="" getfxx.com"="">GetFXX.com.