Gluten-free beauty products -- yes, they exist

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Gluten-Free Beauty Products -- Yes, They Exist
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Gluten-free beauty products -- yes, they exist

Nourish Organic Clean & Fresh Organic Deodorant, $8

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Hourglass Immaculate Liquid Powder Foundation, $55

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Wet n Wild Mega Last Nail Color, $2

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It's pretty hard to keep up on all the beauty and skincare trends and developments, but here's one we didn't see-but should have seen-coming: Gluten-free products.

As WhoWhatWear's new chic beauty blog, Byrdie highlighted the other day; the gluten-free frenzy has crossed over to skincare and makeup. As someone with bubble boy-level allergies, I can totally empathize with people who suffer from gluten issues. You're meticulous about not ingesting it, so why put it on your body or somewhere as delicate as your face, too? InStyle also pointed out, even trace amount of gluten in your beauty products can cause allergic reactions. (Not to make you panic or anything.)

But surprise! A fair amount of really good skincare and make-up products happen to already be gluten-free. You might even have them in your beauty collection right now. But to double check, head on over to Byrdie to peruse their editor picks that range from Wet & Wild nail polish to Nourish Organic's natural deodorant. Cool.

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