Xbox One pre-orders sold out on Best Buy website

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Xbox One sold out

Best Buy has apparently exhausted its stock of Xbox One pre-orders, judging by the retailer's website. Best Buy's product page for the Xbox One notes that the console is "Sold Out Online" and does not allow customers to complete a purchase for the system. It's worth noting that this could only apply to the online portion of the retailer and that local stores may still be accepting pre-orders.

Those of you still looking to purchase the Xbox One online can still do so at Amazon, Wal-Mart, Target and GameStop. It's unclear exactly how many units Best Buy was allocated, but a similar situation happened with GameStop not long ago. Last month, the video game retailer also stopped accepting pre-orders on the Xbox One, but noted that the allotment of Xbox One consoles was considerably lower than the PlayStation 4 to begin with. Some stores reported they were only given 16 Xbox One consoles compared to 64 PS4s.

It's been difficult to track the pre-order success of either console due to the constant influx in launch supply. Earlier this week, it was reported that GameStop sold out of its PlayStation 4 pre-orders as well, though other retailers are still allowing consumers to place pre-orders.

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