E3 2013 Preview: Hardcore parkouring in Dying Light

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Dying Light
Dying Light is a better lookingDead Island. Developed by Techland and coming to both current- and next-gen consoles, you can understand how I arrived at that conclusion. Well, those two bits and the fact that I was shown a brief gameplay demo at E3.

For those unfamiliar, your role inDying Light is someone who is infected. With your time running out, you spend what's left of your life assisting those in need, currently living in quarantined safe zones of an open world. In the case of our demo, we were tasked with recovering a supply drop.

Dying Light

The demo began by dropping me in a city ravaged by an apocalyptic infection. Like Techland's previous work, Dying Light is a first-person runner, except now you have the freedom to move anywhere with no restrictions. Slide under walls, shimmy up walls and poles, jump from building to building -- hardcore parkour.

Dying Light

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