Gravity Guy 2 - Review

Gravity Guy 2

We have no idea on why this game is being called the sequel of Gravity Guy since firstly, this game is nothing about gravity and secondly, it is nothing like the first Gravity Guy. What makes Gravity Guy so popular is its unique gameplay, however, the developer somehow decided to threw away all those original concept and start from the scratch.

That is not necessary a bad thing especially if the developer did that for the better. Gravity Guy 2 is an endless runner which plays somewhat similar to other runners in the market; it actually feels strangely similar to Jetpack Joyride. Instead of running, jumping, gliding or jetpacking; in Gravity Guy 2, you will can move your character forward by raising lifts and using the air jump feature. Skipping gaps, doing perfect landings, avoiding electric orbs and floors as well as prevent falling down are basically all the things you need to do in this sequel of Gravity Guy.

With that being said, you might think that Gravity Guy 2 is nothing worth playing. However, Gravity Guy 2 is really worth playing because it is surprisingly addictive taking account of its super simple gameplay. Once you finished each round, you cannot help yourself but to press the 'Start' button again - that was what happened to us, sitting around and playing Gravity Guy 2 all day. Furthermore, it has simple but stellar graphics, nice sound effects and pleasant music.

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