Cradle of Rome walkthrough

Cradle of Rome
Cradle of Rome can get tough after the half-way mark. Here are some tips to help you if you get stuck.

  • Mathcing four tiles instead of three will earn you extra resources.
  • To get to Olympus before the end of the game, finish each level quickly to build Rome as fast as you can.
  • In general, make matches at the bottom of the screen first. As you create combos below, others will be generated above without extra effort on your part.
  • First try to create matches that break chains if they exist.
  • Use bonuses as soon as they're replenished. Otherwise, you loose the benefit of additional matches.
  • fill up available bonuses before completing the last match if you're close to the end and still have time. Then you can use that bonus on the next level if needed.
Cradle of Rome
Here are some cheats to help you if you get REALLY stuck.
In the Cradle of Rome directory you'll find a file named Profiles.xml that you can edit. Make a copy of it before making any changes so you have a backup. Now, open Profiles.xml with Notepad. Find the line near the top where it says <user name="NAME"> where "NAME" equals your user name ("<" and ">" begin and end each line of code). On the second line below this make the following changes. Please note that I'm using -- and -- to set off the text to be changed.
 Cradle of Rome

  • The text -- Last life="X" -- ("X" equals the current number of extra lives) can be changed to increase or decrease your available lives. Want 10 extra lives? Change it to read -- Last life="10" -- to make the increase.

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