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Vector Runner Remix

Like FallDown! 2? You'll love Vector Runner Remix. It's free.

Little about the App Store surprises us. One day, the number one free game belongs to a big-time franchise, and the next, it's a much simpler and more obscure title that appeared out of nowhere. This time around, the latter is true, as Hannes Jensen's FallDown! 2 currently holds the top spot for iPhone and iPad. Having played it, we can see why, as this fast-paced and frantic game provides the sort of bite-sized play mobile fans crave. It's also maddeningly difficult, so if you're about to hurl your iOS device in frustration, we have two suggestions. First, don't do that, and second, follow these FallDown! 2 tips.

-Touch or tilt? The game has two control schemes, and it's a great idea to experiment with both to see which suits you best. That said, you can easily make the switch from the options menu.

-Avoid bombs. Although these rolling explosives won't kill you outright, they will slow you down.

-Go for power-ups. These question mark balls contain random abilities, such as invincibility to bombs, the option to roll right/left and appear on the other side of the screen and an increased number of stars. You'll never know which item is up next, and that's part of the fun.

-Collect stars. These serve as the game's virtual currency, and you cannot unlock new backgrounds and balls without them.

-Never stop moving. You cannot afford to lose precious seconds while immobile.

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Vector Runner Remix

Like FallDown! 2? You'll love Vector Runner Remix. It's free.

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