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Don't Starve

When it comes to something incomparable, out of the ordinary and something that breaks away from what's to be expected by the mainstream, one can always look towards the indie spectrum of the gaming industry to get a healthy dose of unique, wonderfully bizarre and creative titles to suit your needs. Indie developers with their limited funding and big ambitions are always pushing some unique and experimental ideas to provide players with something that may be different to what they may be used to. These titles might not find as much success as their triple A counterparts, yet many of these games are still well made and entertaining titles in their own right.

With big ideas and the drive to succeed, Indie developers Klei Entertainment have added something that stands out from the crowd with their title Don't Starve, a game that Klei hopes will test your fortitude, your intellect and your survival skills to their limit.

Don't Starve

Wilson, a Gentleman Scientist has been trapped by a Demon in a harrowing wilderness inhabited by monstrous beasts. Wilson must learn to scavenge, to build, to hunt and to fight has any chance of surviving this evil and dangerous place.

The objective of Don't Starve is self-explanatory: don't starve. You've been left in a large, desolate place and you must use whatever's at your disposal to survive. There are resources to collect such as tall grass, flint, wood and food. Some of them you'll be able to get just by clicking on them, while other resources require you to have the tools to get to them. With the resources you've gathered, you'll need to build tools such as axes, shovels and pickaxes to obtain other items like wood and rocks and use them to build more tools including traps and weapons to catch animals both big and small for food, as well as to defend yourself from things that want to turn you into food.

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