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Iron Man 3 Cheats Tips​Gameloft released Iron Man 3: The Official Game for iOS and Android devices, and as we expected, this free-to-play superhero romp includes plenty of in-app purchases. It's also a bit difficult, but what do you expect with missiles, jets and mechanical lowlifes attempting to turn Tony Stark into scrap? Of course, we have a variety of tips to help keep you alive.

-With multiple enemies on-screen, paint your targets by carefully sliding a finger across each bad guy. Do this somewhat methodically, since quick swipes usually result in misses. Considering health is at a premium, you can't afford silly mistakes.

-Always keep an eye on the obstacles that lie ahead. This will give you a much better chance at dodging projectiles.

-With so much happening, it's easy to lose sight of all those red Stark Credits. Be sure to pick up as many as possible, and but avoid going after hard-to-reach virtual currency the developers strategically placed close to obstacles. Always better to remain alive as long as possible. There will always be more Credits to grab.

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