Please Stay Calm brings the zombie apocalypse to Mobage on iOS, Android

Late last year, DeNA announced partnerships with 10 new developers to expand the Mobage social network. One of those was Massive Damage, the creator of Please Stay Calm, a location based massively multiplayer online game that sees players' real world neighborhoods being turned into post-apocalyptic war zones filled with zombies.

While the MMO setup means that the game can be played indefinitely, there is a storyline in Please Stay Calm, with chapters 1-4 already being available (more are promised to be coming soon). An in-game chat feature will allow you to strategize or simply chat with your fellow players, and mini-games will see you completing everything from scavenging your surrounding locations to battling the undead.

While these features are fine on their own, they're now supported by the Mobage social network, giving players a chance to login or connect their Mobage accounts to their Please Stay Calm save files, giving them access to any friends they may have made while playing other Mobage-supported titles. If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, you can catch up to the game's previous players by downloading the game on iOS or Android for free now.

Download Please Stay Calm on iOS >

Download Please Stay Calm on Android >

What do you think of this location-based mobile MMO? Do you prefer the Mobage social network over other mobile options? Sound off in the comments!

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