Dungeon Hunter 4 slays demons on iOS and Android

The fourth installment in Gameloft's popular Dungeon Hunter franchise is now available to download on both iOS and Android, as mobile gamers everywhere can take to battle against computer controlled monsters as well as other players in PvP areas.

Those unfamiliar with Dungeon Hunter can still jump right into the experience thanks to its many similarities to Diablo and other dungeon-crawling strategy games, and multiple classes are available to choose from: Battleworns (broadswords and thick armor), Blademasters (swordsmen and martial artists), Warmages (teleportation and magic), and Sentinels (archers and trap artists).

The game's 3D graphics look to show of the title's many upgradeable armor pieces and weapons, as players can outfit their characters with increasingly powerful items as they continue to level up. Those looking for a solo experience can find it here, but co-op is also available allowing you to play with friends.

Dungeon Hunter 4 is now available to download for free on both iOS and Android. Check out the trailer below for more.

Download Dungeon Hunter 4 on iOS >

Download Dungeon Hunter 4 on Android >

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