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SwapnoteThe 3DS Swapnote app has finally received and update. This update seem to cover most everything I have been wanting changes.

A big thanks to Utah3ds.com for the update info.

  • At first start up, the app will ask if it can send anonymous data about how you use the application to improve future products. Option to enable or opt out available.
  • You can now use a different color on each page of a message
  • Take photos and record audio while writing, no longer required to import from SD card
  • You can now filter your notes by who sent them, to quickly find a note from a certain sender.
  • Delete multiple notes at once
  • Pressing the 'B' button now has an undo/redo function
  • After writing a message, press the 'A' button to see how it will be played back
  • A bubble beside each message will indicate how many replies it has received
  • (Not sure if this was available before) Slide the Circle pad left to slow down writing/drawing animations from notes, or slide the circle pad right to speed up the animation
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