On Nom travels through the ages in Cut the Rope: Time Travel

If you thought Om Nom's love of candy could be contained to the here and now, think again. ZeptoLab's famous green little monster is going on an adventure like never before in the latest installment in the Cut the Rope franchise: Cut the Rope: Time Travel.

From the Roman era of Caesar to the prehistoric time of the dinosaurs, Om Nom is ready to track down candy and stars through a variety of new levels. Each stage contains a variety of obstacles both new and old, from wind blowers and ropes to spike bars and warp tunnels. What's more, since Om Nom is now traveling back in time, you'll frequently find yourself confronted with a second Om Nom, decked out in the fashion of the times (like a hat and mustache in the pirate-themed world).

Cut the Rope: Time Travel on Mobile
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On Nom travels through the ages in Cut the Rope: Time Travel

With multiple Om Noms comes multiple pieces of candy and even more challenge as you work to collect all three stars in a stage while also making sure the candy goes where it needs to: right into the mouthes of these lovable little monsters! Cut the Rope: Time Travel is set to launch on mobile sometime this month. Check back with us at launch for a full review!

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