The Wizard of Oz follows the Yellow Brick Road onto iPhone, iPad

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After its launch on Facebook a few months ago, Spooky Cool Lab's The Wizard of Oz has now made the journey to iOS, bringing the iconic film to life on a new series of devices. The whimsical city-builder contains the same immersive gameplay as found in the Facebook original, along with Facebook connect, Game Center achievements, and much more.

The game runs well on iPhone 4S or higher, and can technically run on iPad 2 and up, but the developer recommends playing the game on iPad 3 or 4 for the best experience. We found this to be a proper recommendation, as playing the game on an iPad 2 results in some sound and graphical glitches. Still, the game isn't broken on this older device, and it's still as enjoyable to play as ever.

For those that are new to The Wizard of Oz social game, both the iOS and Facebook versions of the game begin right as Dorothy steps out of her home into Munchkinland, and ask you to help Dorothy complete the building of the Yellow Brick Road so that she can meet with the Wizard of Oz and eventually travel home. You'll build a variety of homes, businesses, and workshops for the land's Munchkins, while occasional mini-games give you a break from the city-building fun.

It's true that the basic city-building in The Wizard of Oz is pretty generic, but it's given an incredible presentation even on iPhone and iPad via great touch controls (one or two finger tap and drag commands let you zoom right in on the action). Movie clips from the film offer more fan service yet, and anyone that's interested in the game now really has no excuse not to check it out.

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What do you think of the Wizard of Oz on iPhone or iPad? Would you rather play all of your games on Facebook, or are you a bigger fan of mobile games instead? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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