Pictoword: 2 Pics, What's The 1 Word? cheats and answers: Part 1

Pictoword: 2 Pics, What's The 1 Word? Cheats and AnswersNow that we reached the end of Icomania pending another free update, the hunt is on for a new word game to keep us entertained. With several available, it's tough to choose, but we eventually downloaded Pictoword: 2 Pics, What's the 1 Word? Lengthy title aside, it's without question one of the most difficult puzzle games we've played on smartphones and tablets. The goal is to examine two pictures, derive the two correct words that describe these images and then mash them together to produce the solution. It's tricky, because in some cases, you'll need to spell incorrectly to find the answer, as you'll see in this first round of cheats.

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