Pixel People earns new jobs, genes and more in hefty update

Pixel PeopleAs a standalone game, Pixel People is loaded with content. With all of those missions, it's hard to believe that there are some people out there anxiously waiting for more to do in Utopia. If that someone is you, you'll be glad to hear about all of the new content soon being added to Pixel People.

Here's a full list of all the new additions to Pixel People with update v1.30

  • 55 new jobs to splice + 9 special genes to unlock. That 64 ALL NEW Pixel People to find!
  • 13 exciting new buildings to add to your town
  • 12 more new adorable animals to adopt
  • Over 40 new missions to complete, using your animals and resources, with spectacular rewards!
  • A new 'lucky packet' to open, containing many more land-saving surprises
  • Hotel Utopia finally opens its doors to public


  • Gene Pool gets a new look!
  • Get quick surprises from the Animal Shelter
  • New special features added to existing buildings
  • Time discounts from Spirit now increase at the same rate as expansion discounts
  • Splicing Time also benefits from Spirit discount
  • New Spirit calculation system, now Spirit scales with level
  • One more upgrade level available at the Research Facility
  • Animal cards now show quantity, tier, and categories


  • Build times reduced
  • Coin exchange rates improved, now they scale with level
  • Coin rewards improved, now they scale with level
  • SFX and Music state saved on exit of the game
  • Other minor bug fixes
If you haven't started Pixel People, there has never been a better time to start with all of this content right around the corner. You better believe we'll have more cheats for our Pixel People cheats guide once the update goes live!

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Source [Gamasutra]

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