Difference Games brings its Haunted House of hidden objects to Android

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Fans of casual hidden object games might have heard of Difference Games' Haunted House, as the casual game has been available for play on the developer's website for some time. Now, the company has released an Android version of Haunted House, bringing the same hidden object scenes to the mobile space.

Haunted House contains 10 different environments, and allows players to choose from a variety of hidden object formats in each scene. Gamers can choose to find items based on their exact pictures, their silhouettes, or by spotting items based on words on a list, and both timed and non-timed options are available.

Haunted House on Android
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Difference Games brings its Haunted House of hidden objects to Android

While the game's timed mode should offer more relaxing hidden object gameplay, the timed mode also contains bonus rounds that aren't available otherwise. Plus, the expected hint system will pull you out of a jam if you have a hard time finding one or more items in a scene.

In addition, the game's Challenge mode looks to offer just that - a challenge - to more experienced players, as it offers rotated items, words that are missing letters, and double score bonuses to reward you for sleuthing skills. Haunted House is now available to download for free on not only Android, but also Nook. Check out the screens above for more.

Download Haunted House on Android >

Have you tried Haunted House or other Android hidden object games? How do you think Haunted House compares? Sound off in the comments!

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