Elder Scrolls online column: On armor and weapons

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Elder Scrolls Online has an interesting balancing act to deal with when they begin doling out how your weapons and armor will impact the game. We wanted to take this week and talk about what we know and what we think in regards to the balance of armor and weapons. How will players use them to their advantage and what drawback will we see in terms of balance?

In Skyrim I played a greatsword-wielding Orc. I wore mostly heavy armor and everything I had was enchanted up the yin-yang. I maxed out both Blacksmith and Enchanting to make some seriously crushing weapons. I guess the best way to describe this build is as an anti-magic tank. The best part of Skyrim is that you could build your character any way you wanted. This is not an easy task in an MMO when you have players working together and also PvP.

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