Robot armies meet construction workers in Crushin' Robots NYC, coming soon to iOS [Exclusive]

As if construction work wasn't already dangerous enough, a poor construction worker in New York now has to worry about an endless army of robot invaders. In Falling Objects Entertainment's newest iOS games Crushin' Robots NYC, gamers will turn normal tools into weapons as they work to fend off these robots and survive until the end of each stage.

Crushin' Robots NYC may graphically look a lot like the classic arcade game Frogger, but this definitely isn't a simple hop from one end of the screen to the other. Instead, our construction worker hero will be stationed at the bottom of the screen and will be given the challenge of defeating dozens or even hundreds of robots using an assortment of ten different weapons. From a nail gun that's turned into a machine gun to a wreaking ball that wipes out a huge portion of robots at once, the weapons here look to make sense for the theme of the game.

Seven different types of robots will attack our hero through this tower defense experience, and as each are defeated, players will earn the nuts, bolts, and other remains of enemies that fill something called the "Scrap Meter." Once full, this meter will allow gamers to call in boats, helicopters and other massive attacks that can really clear the way for success. In addition, scrap can be earned as a sort of currency that allows for upgrades on weapons, traps, and even extra health for our poor hero.

Crushin' Robots NYC on iOS
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Robot armies meet construction workers in Crushin' Robots NYC, coming soon to iOS [Exclusive]

Crushin' Robots NYC is set to launch on iPhone and iPad as a universal, retina-graphics supported, free download on March 14. For more info, check out the images above or the trailer below. Check back with us later this week for a full review!

Are you excited to try Crushin' Robots NYC on iPhone or iPad? What do you think of the look of the game so far? Sound off in the comments!

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