Chip Chain goes for the jackpot, now on Android

Late last year, AppAbove released Chip Chain on iPhone and iPad, with this match-three-meets-strategy mobile title offering a twist on the gameplay found in titles like Gems with Friends, but still feeling pretty familiar. Now that some time has passed, AppAbove has opened the game up to a whole new set of players as Chip Chain is now available to download for free on Android.

Chip Chain has been downloaded more than 160,000 times on iOS, with gamers finding the daily mode swap and challenge of beating the computer opponent(s) pretty appealing (the game's current version has a 4.5 star rating on iTunes). While we had some issues with the game's pricey microtransactions, AppAbove has worked on the game since its launch, offering sale prices on items and even adding an undo button for players that accidentally place a chip in the wrong place.

Chip Chain on iOS
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Chip Chain goes for the jackpot, now on Android

"Our goal for Chip Chain was to make a highly-polished puzzle game that was very easy to learn but had enough depth to keep experienced gamers playing for hours. Hearing all the great compliments from users of all ages shows that we succeeded," says Aaron Isaksen, Chip Chain's lead designer and cofounder of AppAbove Games, via a company release. "Now we are very excited share this game with the ever expanding group of people with Android tablets and phones."

If you've yet to try Chip Chain, you can now download it for free on either iOS or Android via the links below.

Download Chip Chain on iOS >

Download Chip Chain on Google Play >

Have you tried Chip Chain? What do you think of this challenging puzzle game? Sound off in the comments!

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