An Exclusive Tour of Louise Roe's Dreamworthy Closet

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An Exclusive Tour of Louise Roe's Dreamworthy Closet
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An Exclusive Tour of Louise Roe's Dreamworthy Closet

Q: What is your favorite item and why?

“It’s a pair of Christian Louboutins that were on the top row of that rack. They’ve got steel toe caps and they’re sort of perforated and apart from being amazing shoes, comfortable, I always feel like a million bucks when I wear them – they’re like a sort of talisman.”

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"​About a few years ago I found out I got Plain Jane, my show, and I was so excited, and I went to Barneys and they [Louboutins] were the last pair on sale in my size, and I was like, ‘that’s it, they’re meant to be.’ So I just love them. They remind me of a happy day in L.A.”

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Q: What item in your closet would you consider a steal?

"That yellow bag from my collection [Louise Roe for Stylistpick] because it’s a ridiculous price. It's so yellow and I feel like that acid yellow is such a color for spring. If you wanted to wear it with your bright peaches and pistachios that would look great, and if you wanted to wear it with beat up old blue jeans and a t-shirt it would look equally cool. I like pieces like that.”

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Q: How do you organize your closet?

​“I don’t color coordinate. I put my tops together, my skirts together, dresses, long, short, they’re all separated.”

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"If you can see more of your clothes, you wear more, and you're more creative. It clears my mind."

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"​I try to separate winter from summer, and I'm really good at throwing out a bunch."

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Q: How do you make the most of you wardrobe?

"​I’ll get out things that I haven’t worn in awhile and I’ll revamp them with accessories as a cheap way of updating your look." 

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"It might be a cheap belt or clutch from H&M and it makes that little black dress look so on trend, so now."

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Q: What item in your closet is most special to you?

A: I have a necklace that was my mom's in the '70s. It's like a chopped piece of stone in a beautiful caramel color. There are pictures of her wearing it in the Copacabana in Rio. I have a Polaroid of that in my scrapbook. And I’ve seen so many copies of that [stone], and it’s like I have the original.​"

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Q: What are your tips for spring cleaning?

A: "​Throw out things you haven't worn in two or three years, and throw out things that are more than two sizes too big or too small. You’re only going to depress yourself by thinking, 'I'll still fit into those.'"

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"Getting rid of things that are your past life, past boyfriend, past you – just do it and start afresh."

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Louise Roe is the host of the hit NBC Show "Fashion Star" starring Jessica Simpson, Nicole Richie and John Varvatos. The British fashion icon is a sartorial jack-of-all trades. Along with her hosting duties, Louise designs a shoe and handbag collection for the London-based, and continues to write for several fashion magazines including Glamour,, and InStyle.

Louise gave StyleList an exclusive tour of her incredible (and sizable) closet during a recent visit to her home in Los Angeles.

Click through the gallery to see what she has to say about splurging versus saving, closet organization, family heirlooms, and so much more.

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