ChefVille 'Everything Irish' Quests: Everything you need to know

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ChefVille's St Patrick's Day event has turned into something even more complex this evening, as a new series of "Everything Irish" quests has released yet another ingredient stall to the game. The new Brisket Chill Chest can be built via these quests, and you'll need to tend it quite a few times before being able to actually finish off the series. We're here with a guide to help you get started on these quests, so let's go!

Brisket Chill
  • Place and Complete the Brisket Chill Chest
  • Tend the Brisket Chill Chest 6 Times
  • Give Chef's Services with Smoked Quiche 4 Times

The Brisket Chill Chest requires three energy to unwrap. From there, you'll need to ask seven of your friends to come work as staff within the item before actually finishing it off. While you're waiting for those friends to arrive, you can work on the Smoke Quiche, which requires one Egg, two Cheddar Cheese, and two Dough to create over a period of 10 minutes.

When you finish the Brisket Chill Chest, you can tend it for one Brisket every 30 minutes. Thankfully, you can visit your friends' restaurants and tend their Brisket Chill Chests to earn progress for this quest as well. Completing this first quest gives you three Salvage Sages, two Golden Shamrocks for the Lucky Rainbow, and 10 XP.

Cheese and Bread
  • Collect 12 Cheddar Cheese
  • Have 10 Golden Shamrocks
  • Give Chef's Service with Potato Bread 5 Times

Since Cheddar Cheese is a fairly rare ingredient to earn in your own restaurant, you'll have a better chance of earning some by tending stalls or dishes in your friends' restaurants. As for the Golden Shamrocks, you'll earn these by cooking dishes within the Luck of the Irish Stove. Speaking of that stove, you can cook the Potato Bread inside it using one Irish Potato, three Water, and two Flour per batch. A single batch of Potato Bread takes 30 minutes to cook.

We'll make sure to update this space when we learn more about these Everything Irish quests, so stay tuned!

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