The News Feed: One of Facebook's worst gaming woes solved?

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Facebook News FeedIt may be too soon to tell, but we're pretty darn close. Facebook announced the first major changes to its News Feed feature in years, drastically altering the look and functionality of the News Feed. Once the brand spankin' new News Feed goes live for all, users will have far more control over what they see in their personal News Feed, right down to the type of content and from whom or what.

One particular category should have fans and haters of Facebook games alike especially jazzed: Games. Yes, "Games" will be one of the categories through which users can filter what shows up in their News Feed. At the very least, gone are the days that FarmVille haters and their ilk are forced to unsubscribe from mom after one too many posts about "lost cows" or "mastering rutabagas."

Conversely, this frees Facebook gamers up to post with reckless abandon about whatever game they choose. (Added bonus: The need for duplicate "gamer accounts" disappears.) This is good news for social gamers nevertheless, but Facebook has plenty of bigger fish to fry as far as games are concerned--i.e. an unsustainable business model and the struggle to maintain mass appeal while delivering to more "hardcore" demographics.

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