ChefVille: Return to FarmVille 2 for free Spices

Many Facebook gamers spend their time balancing progress across multiple games, and even multiple genres. After a while though, specific games that you used to play may fall off of your to-do list or get left behind altogether. Zynga has accounted for that in a new promotion in ChefVille, which asks former FarmVille 2 players to jump back into their 3D farms and plant some crops for some rewards.

This promotion is currently limited to players that currently play ChefVille, but haven't played FarmVille 2 in quite some time. If you're an active player in both games, then you likely won't find this promotion waiting for you in your game. If you fall into this promotion's required group, you'll see a pop-up like the one pictured here, which asks you to head back into FarmVille 2 and make some progress.

If you grow at least 100 What in FarmVille 2, you'll be given a free Rapid Rosemary and one 1-Hour Thyme spice back in ChefVille. If you continue to play FarmVille 2 and level up in that game three times, you can come back to ChefVille and receive two Instant Thymes and two Salvage Sages.

Unfortunately, leveling up in FarmVille 2 is a time-consuming process, and if you weren't playing FarmVille 2 before this promotion, it's unlikely that you'll dedicate that much time to the game again, just for some free Spices. The Wheat promotion, however, can be completed in less than a day, and is actually worth your time. Who knew that quitting a game could be so profitable?

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Have you received this promotion in ChefVille? If so, will you / did you actually go back to FarmVille 2 to complete it? Sound off in the comments!
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