ChefVille 'And Eat It Too' Quests: Everything you need to know

The cake filled dessert event in ChefVille has just gotten larger, as Madeline has come back to our restaurants with yet another set of quests. There are three quests to complete in the "And Eat It Too" quest line over the next seven days, and we're here with a complete guide to help you finish them off, thanks to Zynga. Let's get started!

A Pound and Orange
  • Bake 8 Angel Food Cakes
  • Have 2 Mastery Stars for Pound Cake
  • Get 4 Dessert Plates!

The Angel Food Cakes are prepared inside the Cake Oven using one Sugar, two Flour, and two Eggs per cake. You can add Lemons to the batch for a chance to make it a gourmet dessert, but you don't have to do that to complete this quest. The Angel Food Cakes take 10 minutes each to prepare. Meanwhile, the Pound Cakes take 30 minutes to bake, and are each prepared using three Flour, one Sugar, and one Unsalted Butter. Finally, the Dessert Plates are earned by posting a news request to your wall for friends to help. Completing this first quest gives you four Dessert Plate decoration items for your restaurant, along with four Flour and 50 XP.

Mix, Batter, Batter
  • Craft 8 Batches of Cake Batter
  • Bake 6 Dorset Apple Cakes
  • Tend Sugar Bin 10 Times

The Cake Batter is a new ingredient that's prepared inside the Mixer. Each batch of Batter takes a minute to prepare and requires one Sugar, one Flour, and two Milk to cook. As for the Dorset Apple Cakes, a single cake requires one Cake Batter and two Apples to prepare over a period of one hour. You can add Vanilla to this recipe to earn a chance at a Gourmet Dessert, and while you don't need to do that to technically complete this quest, you will need Gourmet Mastery on the dish before you can finish this entire quest series, so keep that in mind. After you finish this quest, you'll receive four more Cake Batter, four Carrots, and 80 coins.

The Master Gourmet
  • Earn Gourmet Mastery for Dorset Apple Cake
  • Tend a Neighbors' Vanilla Rack 8 Times
  • Give Chef's Service with Pound Cake 12 Times

Again, the Dorset Apple Cake requires Cake Batter and Apples to prepare, but to have a chance at Gourmet Mastery, you'll need to add Vanilla to the mix before baking. You can spend up to four Vanilla on a single preparation of the cake, with each one adding to the chance that you'll receive that Gourmet Mastery point. All in all, you'll need to cook this dish to the "Gourmet Dessert" stage four times to earn the dish's Gourmet Mastery ribbon. After you've completing this final quest, you'll receive two One-Hour Thyme Spices, two Pineapples, and 80 XP.

Remember, these quests will only be available for a limited time, so make sure to always have your Cake Oven baking away in order to not get left behind in this event. Good luck!

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