This is what the PlayStation 4 event should have been like

playstation 4 jimmy fallon

This week, Sony rolled into town (NYC) to give a first glimpse of the PlayStation 4 gaming system, rumored for a November 2013 release in the US. In an event that was covered as comprehensively as a papal inauguration, we were shown a PS4 controller, the system specs, and a series of demos that included lots of shooting and old man heads.

Sony and the team behind the upcoming PS4 exclusive Killzone: Shadow Fall, Guerilla Games also made a stop at the Jimmy Fallon show this week. Frankly, this is what the Sony event this week should have been like.

Instead of watching Bungie developers stand awkwardly on stage, I'd much rather watch Fallon and Anthony Anderson yell at each other as they play Killzone, putting more bullets into the ground than the enemies loitering in front of them.

Watch Jimmy fondle the PlayStation 4 controller and "play" the new Killzone in the video below:

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