Aliens: Colonial Marines (Windows) Trainer, Cheats

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It's always nice to have some help in unexpected places, whether you need a hand lifting something or when you're stuck on LV-426, surrounded by Facehuggers and left with only one bullet. No fear: Backup has arrived, just not in the literal sense. No, it has arrived in a much cooler way, as cheats! You're still going to be lonely, stuck on a planet inhabited by aliens that want to kill you, you'll just be much better equipped to be a bad-ass, unlike that other guy. Oh, you don't know about him? He refused to use the cheats and trainers for Aliens: Colonial Marines created by Cheat Happens. He died. Cheat Happens

Cheat Happens has made every awesome exploit available in their trainer for Aliens: Colonial Marines. Cheats like Super Speed, Secondary Fire and Unlimited Health will help turn this survival-action title into a fun, sissy-alien squishing romp. They even have hi-res wallpapers on the same page, so once you finish the game, you can download one, put your feet up, crack open a juice-box and just look at it. They're gorgeous.

Check out this trailer for Aliens: Colonial Marines, available now for PS3, Xbox 360, Windows PC and in late March, the Wii U.

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