The Minecraft maker puts its smash hit game on one of these

Raspberry PiMojang, the studio behind the mega hit open world creation game Minecraft, announced that the game is now available on the Raspberry Pi. You know, that open source computer not much larger than a quarter? Interested players can access Minecraft: Pi Edition for absolutely free on the $35 hardware starting today, the developer pointed out in a blog post.

Players of Minecraft: Pi Edition can interact with one another just how they would on the PC, Xbox 360 or elsewhere. However, the major difference here is that this version packs in a variety of programming languages that allow players to fool around with the game's code.Minecraft PiThe idea here is to give those interested in learning how to write code, primarily kids, a way to do just that that is actually entertaining. Serving that up through one of the most popular computer games made in the last few years ought to do it.

[Via TechCrunch]

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