SqueeDogs hopes to be king of the canines on Facebook

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In the upcoming Facebook game SqueeDogs, developer Elliot Pirate Epstein at SqueePlay looks to fulfill his mother's wish: to play a game featuring her rat terrier named Mencius. SqueeDogs will star a variety of puppy private investigators that work to solve mysteries by finding clues scattered around their colorful environments.

SqueeDogs is a point-and-click Facebook game where players will first design a dog of their choosing. They can customize the dog's appearance, including its fur color, and will be able to jump into the dog-filled world that's made up of giant steaks, rainbow logs, breathing trees and more. Items and clues will pop out of bushes or crystals, and a variety of monsters like ghosts, spiders, dragons and skeletons will cause "all sorts of trouble" as you play.

"Facebook games in general are kind of all the same; you're not considered a real gamer by people who play Xbox," Epstein said in an interview with the Boston Herald. "We wanted to make a different Facebook game. You live in a house with a steak for a door; a fork for a doorknob; living, breathing trees - almost Alice in Wonderland - to give you a 'wow' experience."

Part of the profits in SqueeDogs will be donated to the MSPCA to help real-life animals, but before any donations can be made, the game needs a bit of help getting off of the ground. SqueePlay has a Kickstarter for the game that currently sits at more than $10,000 of its $15,000 goal, with 10 days to go. You can learn more about the project by heading to the game's Kickstarter page, where donations can also be made.

Are you excited about the ideas behind SqueeDogs? Would you play a Facebook game as a puppy investigator, or do you prefer your games to be more "realistic?" Sound off in the comments!
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