CoasterVille Ever-Clean Restroom: Everything you need to know

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As your theme park continues to grow in CoasterVille, there's one thing that you'll always need more of: restrooms. While the current bathroom facilities in CoasterVille are small and cost just 500 coins each, they become dirty or "full" very quickly, leaving your guests to do a dance outside while they wait for you to come back to the game and clean them.

With the new Ever-Clean Restroom, this requirement is completely eliminated, as it's a self-cleaning restroom that comes with its own janitorial staff! The Ever-Clean Restroom costs 80 Park Cash to purchase, but once you purchase it, you'll find that it comes completely upgraded at no additional cost, and has a capacity of 200 guests. Once it fills up, a janitor will automatically arrive to clean it for you.

You don't need to worry about losing profits from these Ever-Clean Restrooms either, as the janitor will drop off your coins as soon as they're done cleaning the facilities. It's simply a self-cleaning bathroom that will save you energy in the long run (since you won't have to clean it manually) and save your guests a lot of time waiting in line. There's no time limit for how long this Ever-Clean Restroom will be available to purchase, so feel free to save up your Park Cash over time until you can eventually afford it.

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What do you think of these Ever-Clean Restrooms? Do you think they're worth the Park Cash price? Will you buy one for your park? Sound off in the comments!

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