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Pixel People is out now on the App Store, and it's a fantastic micro-sim with a fascinating twist. You'll not only have to fashion your own utopian world, you'll also have to splice together your citizens' genes to make them into the perfect match for your brave new world. It can all be a bit confusing at first, so we've put together a complete beginner's guide so that you can get on with having fun in the game.

How do I create new workers in Pixel People?Modojo
To create a new worker, you first need to go into the Arrival Center and see if you have any fresh clones ready for you to work with. Note that you can only store so many clones at one time, so make sure you're always splicing new people. You'll need homes for your new citizens to move into too, so you should always keep a steady stream of houses coming in.

How does Splicing work in Pixel People?

The Splicing system is actually very simple but can appear quite confusing at first. The way it works is that you need to select a job type from a category on the left, and a job from a category on the right. There are dozens and dozens of different combinations to work towards, but how do you know where to start?

If a job type is highlighted, that means there are still variations to be discovered. Focus on combining highlighted jobs and see what color the clone symbol becomes. If it's gray, the jobs don't match, if it's yellow you've made the worker before, but if it's red then that's an entirely new worker for you to try out. Be aware that you can actually splice two workers with the same job title to get new creations.

How do I get new building types in Pixel People?

New construction options become available whenever you create a new type of worker in Pixel People. As soon as you've spliced a brand new person, you'll be given the option to create their place of work on the gridded play area. Move the building to where you want and confirm that you wish to build it.

What kind of workers does my new construction need in Pixel People?
ModojoWhen you first create a new building, the worker that made the building option available will move in and start generating cash for you - but who should you move in next? Well, you can either keep splicing new characters until you get a suitable match, or tap on the building and use the hint system. Note that getting a splicing hint will cost you 5 Utopium each time.

How do I get ride of a clone I don't want in Pixel People?

Splicing doesn't always work out so well, and maybe you just don't need that new worker. Never fear! Simple hit the green recycle icon next to their icon to send them back to the cloning stage. Now try cooking up a new kind of splice!

How does the Utopium currency work in Pixel People?

Utopium is used for two things in Pixel People - speeding up construction of buildings, and purchasing splicing hints for your buildings. Spend them wisely as you're only given a few to work with at the beginning of each game!

How can I get more Utopium in Pixel People?ModojoYou'll very occasionally receive a unit of Utopium for significant achievements in the game, but the only real way to get a decent amount of extra Utopium is to head to the in-app purchase store where various bundles are available for real money. Prices vary by region, so check from your local device to see how much it will cost you.

How can I get more gold in Pixel People?

The best way to get more gold in the game is simply to keep expanding your territory, homes and industrial buildings. Those industrial buildings will generate more gold for you passively over time, so the more of them you have, the moreModojo money you'll get for your next expansion! Note that filling up the heart meter will also reward you with a massive chunk of change!

How does the Land Watch system work in Pixel People?

The icon at the bottom right of the screen shows your maximum number of land tiles and how many of these are currently occupied. Once those two numbers become equal, you'll need to expand your territory - see below for how to do this.

How do I expand my territory in Pixel People?
ModojoIf you've used up every last square on the board, then you're going to need to expand the physical territory available to you. To do this, tap on a tile, press Expand, and then follow the instructions. This can be very expensive, so you might have to wait a little while until you've accrued enough cash.

What happens when I fill up the heart meter in Pixel People?

Whenever you see a heart appear on the screen, it's very important that you tap on the house where it appears. From within the building's menu screen, hold down the heart icon until it's completely filled up. When you've gathered enough hearts to fill up the meter, you'll get a massive injection of cold hard cash!

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