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While match-three games, jigsaw puzzle games, or even casino card and board games are extremely popular genres in the casual gaming space, today's Game of the Day offers something completely unique. Folds, from Mochi Games, is an origami paper game that sees you folding a piece of paper into specific shapes using a limited number of moves.

In each level, you'll be given a dotted outline the final piece of paper needs to fit within. The closer to the shape of the dotted line the paper is, the higher your score will be, with the score coming in the form of a percentage, where 100% equals perfection. You'll need to start at the edges of the paper and fold it in such a way as to fit within the dotted outline without running out of moves.

There are levels where you can complete the shape with less than the maximum number of allowed moves, and you'll be rewarded for your skill with in-game achievements. You can also replay any level as you see fit, giving you the chance for some trial and error if you get stuck and run out of moves before the paper fits into its final shape.

If you'd like to try your hand at Folds, you can play the game for free right here on!

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Have you played Folds? How many levels have you received a "perfect" rating on? Sound off in the comments!

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