FIFA 13 dominated sales in Q3 of 2012, saw 23% increase over last year

GameZoneWhile the sport of American Football and Baseball dominate popularity here as far as sports in real life go, it seems like the popularity of FIFA continues to reign. According to the Electronic Arts Q3 FY13 financial results, FIFA not only sold an amazing 12 million units through the third quarter, but also generated a total revenue of $230 million in the first three quarters.

The third quarter sales of 12 million units was a 23% increase versus FIFA 12 in the prior year. Not only that, but FIFA 13 digitalGameZone net revenue also topped $100 million in that quarter, which was an increase of 98% versus FIFA 12 the year before.

However it's easy to see why FIFA's popularity keeps growing. We scored FIFA 13 an 8/10, stating that it's a "fantastic, well-represented soccer game that enthusiasts will love and newcomers will come to respect quickly."

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