Radagast is live in Guardians of Middle-earth with trailer

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Guardians of Middle-earth Image
The nature wizard Radagast has come to join the other characters in Guardians of Middle-earth. As one of the Maiar, Radagast has gained the title of the Brown Wizard. His knowledge of fauna and birds is second to no one. While his sled driven by rabbits may not be in Guardians of Middle-earth, his eccentric manners definitely made it into the console MOBA.

His character class is an Enchanter and his abilities are a mix of bonus attack speed, reduction in controlled effects, snares, true damage, silences, and slows. He's basically a crowd control machine which will fit nicely with any high damage dealers.

Radagast's abilities are as follows:

  • Vibrant Glade: +Attack Speed, Reduced Controlling Effects
  • Blackbird Song: Deals True Damage and Blinds Enemy Guardians and Creatures
  • Whispering Leaves: Deals Ability Damage, briefly Silences
  • Roots of Greenwood: Roots Enemies, slows and deals Ability Damage

GamezoneThe Brown Wizard is available now on Xbox LIVE and will be out for PlayStation Network soon. He can be bought as a standalone purchase for 160 Microsoft Points or comes as part of the Season Pass.

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