PinWar Takes Competitive Pinball To Next Level

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Pinball's glory days have long passed, but its memory lives on, thanks to a handful of video games that add a little something extra to the old ball-flipping formula. That said, Bulkypix and Prank Entertainment hope to make their mark with PinWar, a head-to-head pinball game for iOS that approaches competitive multiplayer in a new and exciting way.

Basically, the developers took two pinball tables and smashed them together with players on opposite sides. The goal? Figure out a way to get the ball past your opponent's goal while worrying about your own. Reminds us of Atari's PONG, but on a much grander scale, with Retina 3D graphics, power-ups, advanced physics, multi balls and even multi flippers. Seems intense.

On that note, PinWar debuts February 7 for $1.99. Watch the trailer and let us know what you think.

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