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What's The Word? is currently one of the more popular free-to-play video games for iPhone and iPad. In it, the developers throw four stock photos onto the screen, and it's your job to come up with the word that links them all together. It's the type of experience that's simple at first, and before long, leaves people questioning their intelligence. That said, we're here to make things somewhat easier with cheats and tips.

-If you need to see a photo up close, tap it to enlarge the image, then tap again to shrink.

-Based on our experience, there's no penalty for answering wrong, so don't freak out.

-Try to speak out words from the 11 letters. The solution may come to you.

-Review What's The Word? on the App Store to receive 250 free coins.

-Click the hint button and spend coins to remove letters (359 coins), reveal a letter (239 coins) and/or add one more picture (239 coins).

-Don't get fixated on certain objects. In the end, these things may have nothing to do with the correct answer.

-You can always pick back up from the current puzzle.

-If you answer incorrectly, tap the letters to return them to their previous positions.

-You receive two coins for each correct answer. You can always buy more coins: 250 ($0.99), 550 ($1.99), 1,400 ($4.99), 3,150 ($9.99), 7,250 ($19.99).

-When in doubt, ask a friend.

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