Swipe the Deck on iOS: Kiss your free time goodbye

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Last week, we brought you a preview of Swipe the Deck on iOS, Ender's Fund's new blitz-style poker game that sees you earning as much money as possible every two minutes by tapping and swiping your finger across poker cards to create hands. Available for both single player games and three-round mutiplayer matches, Swipe the Deck is easy to learn, difficult to master, and definitely hard to put down.

Whether you're playing by yourself or by other real-world opponents, the gameplay is the same. You'll be shown a random assortment of poker cards, and will need to tap and drag your finger across at least two cards to create a poker hand. Each hand doesn't have to have five cards, and in fact, if the cards have nothing to do with each other, they won't count for the hand anyway. This leaves you to create pairs of just two matching numbers, or even create full hands for flushes, full houses, and straights. That is, you could tap and drag over two "fives" and earn a small amount of money for the pair that you've created, and then tap and drag on five hearts to create a flush and earn much more money.

As you play, you'll earn multiplier bonuses that send your score higher and higher, and you can activate a free power-up at the beginning of each game or round. One may give you more time on the clock, while others can be tapped on to reveal three high value hands based on the current layout of cards on the board. Other power-ups swap the location of cards, increase your score multipliers or replace all cards entirely when the board is looking pretty bare.

While you're more than welcome to use just this free power-up each time you play, you can also purchase up to two more, for a total of three active power-ups in each game. These cost credits to activate, which can be purchased with real world money, starting at $0.99 for 10.

Swipe the Deck on iOS
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Swipe the Deck on iOS: Kiss your free time goodbye

With the addition of single player games, you can continue playing for as long as you'd like without ever having to worry about your opponents coming back to continue to play, and this mode is incredibly entertaining, as it feels similar in style to games like Bejeweled Blitz, where the fun is simply coming back and trying to beat your own high score. The addition of multiplayer is simply icing on a cake that was already really sweet.

While the premise of Swipe the Deck may sound confusing in writing, it's an incredibly entertaining setup that really shouldn't be missed. Just make sure you download the game for free now before the price goes up.

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Have you tried Swipe the Deck on iOS? What's your high score for a single round of play? Let us know in the comments!

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