If You Like... Rolando, then enjoy bouncing around in Georganism 3

Georganism 3Remember that adorable little platformer that came out way back in the early days of the iPhone, Rolando? Sure you do--it was one of the first hits on the App Store. At any rate, developer elmortem has crafted quite an interesting answer to that lovely mobile darling, Georganism 3. This is a puzzler platformer in the same vein of games like Rolando, but with an identity all is own.

Like its name doesn't even come close to implying, players control one (or two) of three unique characters at any given time that generally look like adorable blobs. Each character has a primary function. For instance, the blue blob can jump, while the red one can swim and the green one can move through wooden objects. Of course, every stages plays on these unique attributes.

The goal? Simply collect all of the lei flowers and reach the statue in time to decorate it. While time is always running out, picking up the lilies buys you some time. Georganism 3 mixes things up later in requiring players to join two blobs together to face more complex challenges. Need to get through some wood blocks that lead into a pool? Combine the red and green blobs to create a triangular blob that can complete the task.

Between its cute graphics, catchy jazz-like tunes and inventive play hooks, Georganism is not to be missed. Terrible name ... brilliant game, which you can play right now on Games.com.

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