Goggleyes is one deceptively simple puzzler on Games.com

While most gamers are familiar with the concept of match-three games, few games actually twist the concept into something new. In Big Fish's Goggleyes, however, the traditional method of swapping symbols to create matches of three or more like symbols has been expanded into something more complex and surprisingly challenging.

Goggleyes presents players with a honeycomb grid of multi-colored orbs, each of which acts as a cartoon-like eye that looks around the screen, bringing the game to life. Players can double click on groups of three or more matching balls to make them disappear from the board (nothing disappears automatically), but if any matching symbols are located within two spaces of this established group, they can be swapped and added to the group to make a much larger explosion, thus resulting in more points.

As an example, if one row in the grid has three red balls, followed by a yellow ball and then another red ball, the red and yellow balls can be swapped to create a larger group of red orbs. As you play, the screen will start to fill with "x" symbols that can't be swapped, but can be removed with bombs, which also randomly appear. These bombs destroy a surrounding section of eyes, so if you never get a bomb where you need one to knock out some x tiles, then your available play space lessens until you eventually run out of moves and have to start again.

While Goggleyes has an incredibly simple premise once you get started, it's surprisingly challenging even for hardcore fans of the match three genre. If you're ready to try your hand at Googleyes, you can now play the game for free right here on Games.com.

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