Game of the Day: Jellyfish - Sea Puzzle

During these long winter months, we could all use a vacation, even if it's a virtual one. Thankfully, today's Game of the Day gives us a small taste of paradise as we'll dive into the tropical ocean waters to collect black and white pearls to balance underwater scales. Jellyfish - Sea Puzzle from Big Fish offers level-based match-three puzzle play, as you'll be asked to drop black and white pearls to the bottom of the screen, where they'll drop into a old-fashioned scale.

In each level, the screen is split into two sections: one for black pearls and one for white pearls. You'll be able to make matches on both sides freely, with the goal being to drop enough of each colored pearl onto the scale at the bottom of the screen to make it balanced. Black pearls weigh more than white pearls, so you may need to collect more or less of one colored pearl in order to find the right balance and complete the level. Your progress is timed, but you'll never have to worry about running out of moves, as the game will automatically shuffle the board when that occurs.

Bonus stages will see you collecting pearls by moving a clam shell at the bottom of the screen to catch them, and you can even charge bombs that will allow you to remove specific symbols from the match-three boards if you start to get stuck. If you'd like to try your hand at this underwater treat, you can now play Jellyfish - Sea Puzzle on for free!

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Have you tried Jellyfish - Sea Puzzle? How many levels have you completed in this colorful underwater world? Sound off in the comments!
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