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Yes, that reads "fire tadpoles at demons," and if that isn't enough to grab your attention, I don't know what would be. In Big Fish's Demon Destroyer, you'll complete levels by earning stars and points as you fling tadpoles into red demons that rest on or around immovable obstacles in each stage.

Demon Destroyer feels a lot like Angry Birds, in that you'll pull back and fling the tadpoles, only this is done from a star instead of a slingshot. What's more, levels won't simply be completed from left to right, as you may find yourself flinging the tadpole from the right side of the screen as well. Demons come in different shapes and sizes, with each being worth a different amount of points. There are three stars to collect in every stage as well, by causing the tadpole to touch them, but the game is much more about the points earned than the stars collected.Each level has a point requirement that must be met before you can continue. If you meet that point total without collecting all of the stars or killing all of the demons (by knocking them off into the fires below every level), you can freely move ahead to the next stage, or you can keep playing to earn a better score. Keep in mind though, while there isn't a technical limit to the number of tadpoles you can fling across the screen, flinging a tadpole costs some of the precious points you've already earned.

Levels become more complex as you go along, but you'll unlock new kinds of tadpoles to help you out as well. The green tadpole, for instance, can bounce off of obstacles in order to hit hard-to-reach stars or demons.

Needless to say, there's a ton of replayability in Demon Destroyer, as it's easy to finish most levels with the required amount of points, but difficult to complete each stage after having killed all of the demons, and collected all of the stars, and still having enough points left to actually progress. If you want to smite some demons of your own, you can now play Demon Destroyer for free on

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