ZyngaPlusCasino brings real money gambling to the UK this year

We already knew that Zynga has fallen in love with real money gambling, and wants to bring it to the US. We also already knew that Zynga would start its major push into the real money gambling world via a catalog of games in the UK. But now, it all seems much more real through the ZyngaPlusCasino website, discovered by CEGamer.

Dedicated to Zynga's UK gambling operations, ZyngaPlusCasino gives interested UK residents age 18 or older a preview of things to come. Starting in "early 2013," interested players will be able to sign up to play games like Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Video Slots, and more. Pricing on Video Slots will apparently start at 5¢ a spin, with progressive jackpots adding more incentive to keep playing.

After making an initial deposit of real world money, new players on ZyngaPlusCasino will receive a "Welcome Basket of bonuses and new player promotions," but the specific contents of said Welcome Baskets are still unknown as of this writing. Could one of the prizes relate to the rumored FarmVille slot machine?

Whatever the case, if you live in the UK, are over 18-years-old, and are interested in being alerted when ZyngaPlusCasino finally launches to the public, you can enter your email address for news updates on the project's preview page. For everyone else, we'll just have to wait and see how (or if) Zynga's push into real money gambling develops outside of the UK.

Would you pay real money to gamble in a Zynga game? Would you trust that Zynga's games wouldn't be rigged? Sound off in the comments!
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