Behold: Bejeweled board games by Hasbro will bedazzle you this spring

Bejeweled Frenzy
Hasbro hasn't tapped the well of popular casual games just yet. According to Inside Social Games, the toy company has announced that it has gained the license to create and release board and card games based on Bejeweled creator PopCap's hit series of casual match-3 games. Two Bejeweled-themed physical games are slated to hit shelves this spring.

Of course, in Hasbro's board game renditions of the massive gem swapper will, too, involve matching three gems or more to score points and win. The company only provided minimal details for these upcoming games. The first of which is simply known as Bejeweled, a physical version of the digital puzzler we all know and love. Second is a card game known as Bejeweled Frenzy that ISG reports has players match gems to build stacks of cards as quickly as possible.

Just like the stable of Ville-based games released through a partnership with Zynga in 2012, these two Bejeweled games will include digital counterparts. The "traditional" Bejeweled board game will come with a download code for Bejeweled 3 for computers, and Bejeweled Frenzy will contain a code that's worth four Rare Gems in Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook. Man, just when we thought the visions of exploding gems dancing in our heads were over.

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