Santa gives the Angry Birds the gift of 8 million downloads on Christmas

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Angry Birds Christmas downloadsThe Angry Birds don't have much to be peeved about going into 2013. Developer Rovio has revealed that its hit series of mobile games enjoyed 30 million downloads on Android and iOS during the week of Dec. 22 through the 29th. What's even more impressive is that 8 million of those downloads were triggered on Christmas Day alone.

Rovio released the immense numbers through a fancy infographic with the help of analytics firm Flurry, complete with uncharacteristically joyous birds. According to Flurry, 17.4 million new Android and iOS devices were under their respective trees, so that means Angry Birds is officially on every other new device opened on Christmas Day.

A long three years later and Angry Birds is not only still relevant, but still thriving. These figures alone could be seen as testament to the success of Rovio's put-Angry-Birds-on-damn-near-everything strategy. Well, that and a few high-profile branding initiatives, with surely more where that came from. If anything, this milestone sets the following in stone: Angry Birds ain't goin' nowhere.

[Via Polygon, VentureBeat]

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