SimCity Social 'Broadcast Biff Part 1' Quests: Everything you need to know

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Since his arrival in SimCity Social, Biff has been concerned with nothing but success, and his latest adventure will see you helping Biff become a TV mogul through a three-part event called "Broadcast Biff." Like many other recent quest series in SimCity Social, this one is split into three separate chunks of quests, with the completion of one part being required before moving onto the next. This is a lengthy event, with the final prize being a Giant Jungle Gym. We're here with a guide to completing the first section of quests in this Broadcast Biff event, thanks to the game's official forums. Let's get started!

Biff on the Box
  • Film Fly-on-the-Wall Documentary
  • Film Hilarious Workplace Accidents
  • Film Search for a Star

The Documentary task can be completed inside a Comic Shop, while the Workplace Accidents can be filmed in a Workshop. Finally, the "Star" can be found in the Observatory. If nothing else, the Observatory task can be completed in a friend's city, so feel free to use one of theirs and save your own energy. You'll receive 2,500 Simoleons and three XP for completing this quest.

A Mayor-ican Idol
  • Film Town Hall Clown
  • Have Fury
  • Have 1 Camera

You can earn Cameras by interacting with Factories or by simply asking your friends to send them to you. As for the filming project, this can be done inside your Mayor's House. You'll receive three Investments for completing this quest.

Mayor of the Same
  • Collect from Businesses
  • Collect from Factories
  • Collect from Mayor's House

Unfortunately, you might be forced to wait some time to complete this quest, since your Mayor's House is only available for collection once every 24 hours. When you complete this final quest in the first portion of the Broadcast Biff event, you'll receive a Biff TV Building, which pays out 4,960 Simoleons every six hours. It can be upgraded to eventually pay out 14,880 Simoleons every six hours at the end. You'll only have a week to complete these first three quests, but they are thankfully much easier than quests we've seen in other recent events. Still, we wish you the best of luck in finishing them off!

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