SimCity Social 'Cool Yule Part 3' Quests: Everything you need to know

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The "Cool Yule" celebration continues in SimCity Social today, as we're ready to dive into the third and final set of quests in this large timed event. There are four quests to complete in this final Part, and we're here with a complete guide to finishing them off, thanks to the game's official forums. You'll need a ton of Simoleons and Materials to finish these quests, but if you're ready then so are we! Let's get started!

Tree's Company
  • Have a 3-Star Holiday Decoration Factory
  • Have 5 Holiday Trees
  • Collect form the Holiday Decoration Factory

If you've made it this far in your own game, then you already have the Holiday Decoration Factory in your town, and will need to spend Materials, Simoleons, and building collectibles to upgrade it from its starting stage all of the way to 3-Stars. Once it's at the 3-Star level, you'll be able to collect 600 Materials from it once every 12 hours. As for the Holiday Trees, these are small decorations that can be purchased in the store for 1,200 Simoleons each. Each one offers a population boost of +8 to surrounding homes. When you complete this first quest, you'll receive 2 "Nice" collectibles.

Figgy Pudding or Bust!
  • Have a Holiday Promenade
  • Have Carol Singers
  • Sing Holiday Songs 3 Times

While this quest calls the item the "Holiday" Promenade, you'll find it in the store as the "Festive Promenade." It costs a whopping 500,000 Simoleons to purchase, and is a decoration that offers a +60 population boost to surrounding homes. As for the Carol Singers, this is another decoration that costs 24,000 Simoleons in the store. It has a population boost of +33. Once you purchase this Carol Singers, you can interact with it three times to "Sing Holiday Songs," and you'll receive three Sweaters for completing this overall quest.

Humbuggin' Out
  • Have Naughty Collectibles
  • Steal 3 Gifts

The three Gifts can be stolen by clicking on homes. You'll receive one Wrath for completing this relatively easy quest.

Sleigh Bells
  • Have a 3-Star Santa's Workshop
  • Train Reindeer Pilots 3 Times
  • Ask friends for 3 Elf Crash Helmets

First things first, the Elf Crash Helmets are earned by posting a general news item to your wall. Meanwhile, the Reindeer Pilots can be trained within the Elf Academy in your city. Finally, the 3-Star Santa's Workshop is a situation similar to that of the Holiday Decoration Factory task above, as you'll need to collect a ton of building materials and actual Materials to finish it off. For the record, the 2-Star level requires 10 Punchcards, one Salt of the Earth, nine Goodwill, five Trust and five Harmony. For the 3-Star stage, you'll need four Safety Awards, five Metal of Bravery, two Unity, one Bliss and eight Robot Workers to upgrade. you'll receive 15,000 Simoleons for finishing this final quest, and you'll also receive the Reindeer Flight School, a business that pays out 3,210 Simoleons every 23 hours.

Remember, this entire Cool Yule event will only be available for 13 days in your game, so good luck finishing all of these quests!

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Do you think you'll be able to complete all of these quests across Parts 1-3 in the 13 day time limit? Which quests(s) do you think will be the most difficult to complete? Sound off in the comments!
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