You Don't Know Jack sustains its sassy saga of trivia for free on iOS

You Don't Know Jack iOSThe folks at Jellyvision Games weren't joking when they said that You Don't Know Jack was headed for iOS devices "in the very near future." The irreverent, 2012 Spike TV Video Game Award-winning trivia franchise has arrived on iOS devices for free, nada, zilch. Basically, this is a mobile version of what launched on Facebook earlier this year, which isn't exactly a bad thing.

"In May, we launched the Facebook version of YOU DON'T KNOW JACK looking to combine the party-atmosphere of console and PC gaming to the asynchronous social gaming space where people could play wherever they want," Jellyvision Games founder and YDKJ creator Harry Gottlieb said in a release. "After six months of tweaking the Facebook game, we're ready for the small screen, starting with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch."

In short, the mobile version of YDKJ comes with Facebook Connect that allows play from iOS with players on Facebook. This allows players to be automatically matched with their Facebook friends that have already played that given episode. Also, players have the option to directly challenge other Facebook buddies at the end of each episode or share their results (i.e. brag).

As for the free-to-play structure, this means that iOS players are limited in the same ways that Facebook players are in that only so many game sessions are offered daily. However, Jellyvision promises that players can earn free plays through achievements--otherwise, they're available through in-app purchases. Verbal punishment on the go ... where do we sign up?

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